The ancient ritual

In ancient Rome the ritual of the thermal wellbeing entailed the use of the strigil (massage tool) before and after the benefits of water.

Salus Per Aquam (health through water) was their motto and consequently also the meaning of SPA, conceived as a place for the wellbeing of the person. Nowadays, thanks to the scientific Phytomassopodia® method and the use of the Podostrigiles®, the patented massage tool, you can recreate this form of true wellbeing, suitable to the modern lifestyle. In our SPA, just like in ancient Rome, the path to wellness begins and ends with the feet and, thanks to the training and quality control of the WFA - Wellness from Feet Academy, you will always have the assurance of receiving the right Phytomassopodia® method, according to your needs, in full compliance with the scientific protocol and with a sure result.

THE Phytomassopodia® METHOD

Phytomassopodia® is the first patented method that, starting from the feet, donates a new form of overall wellbeing to the whole person.

Stress-busting, detoxifying and regenerating: that’s the method designed by the team coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco (Motor Science - University of Padua), which involves five university disciplines aimed at wellbeing:
The session lasts 50 minutes, it is entirely dedicated to the feet and therefore there is no need to undress completely.
Inspired by the Greeks and Romans’ ancient techniques and knowledge, the protocol consists of a researched sequence of manoeuvres, massages and the application of five natural products made with the essential oils extracted from wild plants that, once absorbed by the feet, reach the blood and lymphatic circulation, giving a long-lasting wellbeing. Each stage of the method, supported by the right product, actually makes the Phytomassopodia® a complete session of aromatherapy as well (by inhalation and contact).


The Phytomassopodia® method is generally suitable for tired and stressed people and especially suggested to those who suffer from cold, hot, swollen, painful feet or affected by cramps. The varied use of heat and cold, as well as the essential oils and the sequence of manoeuvres, make it possible to treat a great variety of people, looking for a certain wellbeing: men and women, young and elderly people, athletes and also those with a sedentary lifestyle. Thanks to the several rituals, the method can solve further specific needs, such as preparing or limbering up for sport and physical activities, e.g. trekking, racing, skiing, tennis or golf.

For those who want to take a rest and relax, but just do not have plenty of time, at least two sessions during the weekend are indispensable to get the maximum result out of the chosen package.

For those who have particular needs, clinical research has demonstrated that three sessions are ideal to achieve a certain result that can be prolonged with the most suitable home care set, upon indication of the qualified Spa team. The sessions can take place every other day or every day, according to specific individual needs.

Il Podostrigiles®

The Podostrigiles® is a massage instrument - protected by an international patent - that supports the three aspects of the Phytomassopodia® method: phlebological, mechanical and reflex.

Thanks to this valuable tool, the operator achieves a deeper and more accurate result, without side effects. Just as the strigil was the symbol of the ancient masseurs, so today the Podostrigiles® is the symbol of the modern operators, trained according to the quality standards of the WFA - Wellness from Feet Academy.