1 · Mei Treatments

Mei Treatments combine the use of products with the manual techniques of the customer. For the treatments, we will offer a free basic course that explains the use of professional products in the cabin and home care.
It is the first step to discover the "Mei World ".

2 · Mei SPA Rituals

Born from the scientific research conducted by Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco, Mei Rituals consist in an execution protocol with defined manual techniques, products and execution times.

To learn the rituals you will need to attend to the specific WFA Academy courses, focusing on the use of Podostrigiles and the special techniques devised by Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco.


3 · Wellbeing starts with the feet

The first course of the WFA Academy concerns the patented PMP-Phytomassopodia® method for the overall well-being that comes from the feet.

The course lasts three days and is dedicated to the PMP-SPA Classic ritual lasting 50 minutes. The body and face rituals will be taught in the following modules, always lasting three days each.
There will be also an update course on a yearly basis.

4 · Home care

Both Treatments and Rituals include home care protocols that, according to Mei holistic philosophy, combine phytocosmetics, herbal products and Mei Wellbeing Programs.
The Academy's courses will also provide training on such products and aromatherapy, marketing and communication topics.