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The Scientific Wellbeing

Today the customer center seeks certain,
immediately tangible and long-lasting results.

Mei SCIENTIFIC WELLBEING is the answer to this specific question. It is a different way of making people feel good with innovative rituals that are very pleasant, but extremely effective, guaranteed by the scientific research and based on natural products of the highest quality, which allow extending the benefit thanks to the home care set with phytocosmetic products, natural supplements and Mei Wellbeing Programs.
Mei SCIENTIFIC WELLBEING is the exclusive know-how of our company, born from the research conducted with Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco and the great experience achieved with the PMP-Phytomassopodia® method.

The Research

Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco, in collaboration with Mei, is the inventor of the Podostrigiles® and the PMP-Phytomassopodia® method, certified by scientific research and international patents, thanks to which we have become protagonists of the professional wellness. From this precious synergy began in 2007, also Mei rituals for the body and the face have come to life, based on Mei SPA professional product line. The final result of the research is Mei Lifting, the revolutionary face ritual that erases the signs of aging thanks to the reflexologic action of the Podostrigiles®, combined with the new product line for the face made with OFFICINALIS WATER, Colloidal Silver and essential oils of Sandalwood and Lime.

Formerly Professor of the University of Padua, Degree Course of Motor Sciences - Degree in Motor Sciences and Physiotherapy - Doctor of Science in Chiropractic - Professor Defektologÿe – University Diploma in Physical Education – Graduated in Massophysiotherapy, Podiatry, Orthopedic Technique and Sports Massage - Biennial School in Nutrition Integration Sport - Annual postgraduate course in Phytotherapy, University of Siena - Degree in Literary Subjects - Journalist / Publicist, member of the National Order of Journalists – Responsible Director of “MondoMei - information magazine for the wellbeing that comes from nature” - Scientific Director of Research and Training on MEI Wellness Rituals - Responsible for numerous research projects for Ministries, Universities, Training Institutions and Local Health Units - Author of countless publications - Speaker at national and international conferences.

Mei Rituals

With Mei Rituals the body gets rid
of drosses and toxins and the energy starts to flow again

The person is treated as a unity of body, mind and soul. Mei Rituals involve the use of the best phytocosmetic products realized with active ingredients of absolute purity from wild officinal plants.
The SPA and beauty center team acquires the right skills thanks to the courses of the WFA - Wellness from Feet Academy.

WFA · Wellness from Feet Academy

Mei rituals stand out in the wellness panorama
for their originality and effectiveness

The Scientific Director Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco (formerly University of Padua) introduced elements of physiotherapy, sports massage and kinesiology in the Rituals, which improve the operator performance and guest liking also thanks to the use of Podostrigiles®.

To acquire the necessary skills, the staff needs to be trained in the appropriate courses of WFA - Wellness from Feet Academy. The courses are divided into complementary modules of three days each and one refresher day a year. The training starts from the feet, with the first three-day course on the PMP-Phytomassopodia® Method - Classic SPA ritual of 50 minutes, and then continues with the body and face.

To take part in courses the title of esthetician or massage therapist is required..

The Podostrigiles®

The Podostrigiles® is the patented massage tool that makes Mei Rituals unique, allowing operators to perform new techniques, more effective and accurate, and to enhance the power and efficacy of Mei natural products. Thanks to this precious tool the massage therapist/esthetician obtains a deeper and more accurate result without side effects.
As well as the strigil was the symbol of the ancient masseurs, so today the Podostrigiles® is the symbol of the modern professionals trained to the quality standards of the WFA - Wellness from Feet Academy.

PMP - Phytomassopodia®

The thermal wellness ritual of the ancient Rome involved the use of the strigil before and after the benefits of water. Salus Per Aquam (health through water) was their motto, which gave also birth to the meaning of SPA, understood as a place for the wellbeing of the person. Today, thanks to the PMP-Phytomassopodia® method and the use of Podostrigiles®, you can recreate this form of well-being that fits today's lifestyle perfectly. The method involves three different rituals:

WELCOME · duration 15 minutes · energizing
DYNAMIC · duration 30 minutes · defatigating
CLASSIC · duration 50 minutes · global psycho-somatic wellbeing

The uniqueness of our products

Wild plants: only plants that naturally grow in their own environment can be called medicinal plants, in other words plants, which concentrate the active principles able to generate an herbal action. In Italy and throughout the world, Mei selects only wild plants that are rich in active ingredient and extremely effective.
Balsamic flowering: the plants are picked by hand only when their balsamic stage is reached, corresponding to the phase of maximal maturation and richness of the plant.
Titration: titration is the process of measuring the concentration of the active ingredient. A plant is considered efficacious only if it adheres to the minimum standards established by the Official Pharmacopoeia. Only plants that conform to these specifications are used in Mei’s production.
Officinal plants’ Vegetation Water: Mei is the first company to use the water in which medicinal plants are infused. The water preserves the memory of their active ingredients and Mei phytocosmetic products are the first in history to replace the “AQUA” ingredient with “OFFICINALIS WATER”. In Mei products, from simple emulsifying base, water has become a functional ingredient.
Mei Quality Guarantee:
  • Use of officinal plants according to the quality standards of the Official Pharmacopoeia.
  • Purity degree of the active principles: absolute.
  • Total absence of petrolatum, parabens, SLS and SLES, PEG, harmful substances.